Dietitian column: Sumo mandarins pack a vitamin punch, Lifestyles

Dietitian column: Sumo mandarins pack a vitamin punch, Lifestyles

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Q. What’s up with the Sumo oranges I saw in the store?

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What it is: A non-stimulating dietary supplement that stokes your energy.What it does: B vitamins are crucial for energy, metabolism and mood. The brand's B Complex, extracted from tulsi and guava, provide cofactors to help convert fat, protein and carbs into cellular currency. Methylated B12 helps support healthy serotonin levels and adaptogenic ginseng brings the calming energy. This supplement instantly dissolves in water and tastes like mango. It's sweetened with organic monk fruit.

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Juven Therapeutic Nutrition Fruit Punch Drink Mix Packets - Shop,w_1440,ar_16:9,f_auto,q_auto,g_auto/shape/cover/sport/fff138f84bcb0125d197216db75ed8f2383e9fcea0864637ab2950e949e94d52.jpg

Enjoy Sumo Citrus while it is available for a limited time!

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