OXO Grater

OXO Grater

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Don’t let the thought of grating keep you from enjoying fresh cheese with your next meal. The OXO Grater is designed to make grating and zesting

The OXO Good Grips Etched Two-Fold Grater has extra-sharp, etched stainless steel grating surfaces that stand upright together over a cutting board or detach for use over a bowl. Two tools in one allow you to grate hard and soft cheeses, chocolate, potatoes, onions and more. Coarse and medium grating patterns give you different options. The soft handle provides a comfortable grip, while non-slip feet stabilize the grater as you work.


OXO Good Grips Etched Two - Fold Grater


OXO Etched Ginger and Garlic Grater — The Grateful Gourmet


OXO® Box Grater, Color: White - JCPenney

Grate, slice, julienne and measure with this compact and convenient Oxo Good Grips set. It includes four color-coded cutting surfaces plus a food holder for safer slicing.


OXO Complete Grate & Slice Set


GoodCook Touch Folding Grater, Dual Sided Blades with Comfort Handle and Nonslip Base


iF Design - OXO Good Grips Etched Grater Suite


OXO Good Grips Grater - The Peppermill

Use the OXO Good Grips Multi-Grater on a cutting board, plate or any flat surface as well as on any size bowl for neat and easy grating. Two stainless steel grating surfaces allow for coarse or fine grating. The soft, comfortable handle and non-slip feet make this Multi-Grater safe and easy to use. It snaps apart for cleaning and folds to store easily in a drawer.


OXO Good Grips Multi-Grater


OXO Grate and Slice 6-Piece Flat Grater Set + Reviews

The OXO SoftWorks Box Grater features coarse, medium and fine grating surfaces, as well as a slicing surface. The Grater is made of durable stainless


OXO Softworks Box Grater

Create the perfect finishing touch or consistent flavor in your dishes with the OXO 11283000 Good Grips 9 1/2 stainless steel fine handheld grater


OXO 11283000 Good Grips 9 1/2 Stainless Steel Fine Handheld Grater with Non-Slip Handle


Rotary Grater


OXO Good Grips 9 Two-Fold Plastic Grater w/ Non-Slip Handle


OXO Good Grips Seal & Store Rotary Cheese Grater – Atlanta Grill Company