JoyJolt Large Glass Food Storage, Pickling Jars with Airtight Seal

JoyJolt Large Glass Food Storage, Pickling Jars with Airtight Seal

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Buy JoyJolt Large Glass Food Storage, Pickling Jars with Airtight Seal- Bamboo Clamp Lid (Set of 2) - 27 oz at .
JoyJolt glass containers with bamboo lids add understated style to your kitchen. Perfect as a nuts container, herb container or small candy jar for display or kitchen storage. Some glass pantry storage containers with lids only provide one thing but these glass jars with wood lids are both beautiful and functional in your pantry. Keeps your food fresher than ever, while preventing odors from escaping. In fact, we couldn’t make them any more airtight! These glass jars with wood lids will inspire you to get started today. Herb containers, coffee jar or salt jar! Unleash your inner Marie Kondo with tidy rows of matching glass storage jars and remember to take a social media-worthy photo of your newly organized pantry! This glass jar with bamboo lid 2pc set makes a lovely and practical gift. Bring them organizational joy with Jars by JoyJolt!

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